Robert Rich – Below Zero

Robert Rich - Below Zero

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Robert Rich –  Below Zero
CD, Side Effects, 1998

This deep dark-ambient compilation follows-up on Robert’s 1996 HOS/Fathom release “A Troubled Resting Place” presenting more abstract, foreboding and expansive soundscape work with a profound surrealist touch. The composer conceived “Below Zero” -a sonic narrative of infinite distance, inhuman scale and deep time- while recording each of the tracks individually for release on compilations and limited editions, using these oportunities to research new vocabularies and techniques.

The atmospheres encountered here are stark, intense and ominous, even moving into experimental/industrial territory on “Dissolving the seeds of the Moment” and “A Flock of Metal Creatures…”. Next to these dense heavy-weights, introspective beauty is found on the melancholic “Termite Epiphany” and the emotive “Requiem”. Most of this album though is for those who love to dwell in the dark void.


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