Robert Rich – Calling Down the Sky

Robert Rich - Calling Down the Sky

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Robert Rich – Calling Down the Sky
CD, Soundscape Productions, 2003

“Calling Down the Sky” is a live-cd by Robert Rich, clocking at exactly 74 minutes, offering all new atmospheric music. While heavy weather conditions followed Robert Rich during his tour in summer 2003, he gave a house-concert in Denver, where he was surrounded by a group of 26 friends.

On “Calling Down the Sky”, he returns to the music of his “Trances/Drones”, containing lots of “glurp”, flute, lap steel guitar, slow evolving dronescapes and environmental murmurs.

The continuous flow of non-rhythmic textures with strong melancholic undercurrents shift and swirl like the transformations in the various weather conditions which seemed to hunt him during this tour. Rich calls it “a dialog between the music and the elements”, and the outcome is a very fine one indeed.

This is a worthy addition to the Rich-collection.

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