Robert Rich – Echo of Small Things

Robert Rich - Echo of Small Things


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Robert Rich – Echo of Small Things
CD, Soundscape Productions, 2005

Echo of Small Things” is a collection of sounds and image from a collaboration between ambient pioneer Robert Rich and his friend and photographer David Agasi.

In over 60 minutes of music, Agasi’s sensual photography unites with Rich’s haunting, reflective soundscapes, both focussing on the beauty and depth of moments in everyday life, of which normally we are not overtly aware of. Staying organic all the way, Robert’s captivating deep sound design, contained in nine tracks, is very moving and intimate.

This is emotional & well crafted music, melancholic, dreamy and floating at times. This disc deserves close listening, and the listening is not to be disturbed by life in the fast lane from the outside world.

This is great music for introspection and to clear or slow down our busy minds.
Very well done, Robert !


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