Robert Rich – Filaments

Robert Rich - Filaments


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Robert Rich – Filaments
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Soundscape Productions, 2015

“Filaments” is an album roaming in the same league as Robert’s sonic endeavors “Electric Ladder” or “Geometry”, where he explores some of the cyclic interlocking patterns he always has been intrigued about since.

The 60-minute ambient effort seems an attempt to get closer to some of the language of ’70s spacemusic (exploring themes such as cosmology, energy, physics, time or earth sciences) while still expressing a personal approach and signature within that same language.

The vaporous, vast, and gentle unfolding textural panoramas mapped out on the nine tracks incorporate organic and world music flavors, featuring nice touches of lap steel guitar and piano along assorted acoustic instruments and fine analogue/digital electronics.

Of all pieces, the 11-minute “Entangled” is a highlight with its vintage sequencing, cyclic pattern and spacious, emotive and vaporous sound design along a soft yearning melodic trail. A bit later, “Laniakea” also strikes great, in-depth sonic ground, followed by the intimate, liquid-ish “Aetherfolds”. The finale piece “Telomere” connects with the impressive, minimalist realm of “Entangled”, taking the listener toward distant horizons.

“Filaments” is a beautifully rendered ambient journey that will reveal many new layers, dimensions and insights at every new spin. Chapeau Robert!


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