Robert Rich – Gaudi

Robert Rich - Gaudi

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Robert Rich – Gaudi
CD, Hearts of Space Records, 1991

This album is inspired by and a tribute to the magnificent and awe-inspiring architecture of Antonio Gaudí. Moreover, it gives a spacious voice to its organic, mathematical and life affirming architecture which conceals a subtle geometry. Using synths, woodwinds, and mallet percussion, the composer has fabricated
a kaleidoscope of transparent sonic vistas evolving and shape shifting in an unforeseen, sometimes puzzling but overtly mellow way.

The seven miniatures on “Gaudi” evoke a light and uplifting sonic canvas with minimal rhythms, featuring carefully moulded psycho-active soundscape textures with more recognizable electro-acoustic elements that interact intriguingly in cyclic patterns.

The mesmerizing “Harmonic Clouds”, “Air” and “Minaret” turn inward with its dreamy, hypnotic waves that hold a particular sense of melancholy and warm vibration. Even the surreal, sinister and slumbering restlessness is given a voice on “Serpent” while the mystic of mathematical patterns finds its way on the rhythmic-driven “Mosaic”.

The at times quite otherworldly and mind-boggling “Gaudi” won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but sure has some fascinating moments to immerse into.


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