Robert Rich – Humidity

Robert Rich - Humidity

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Robert Rich – Humidity
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2000

“Humidity” is a triple cd-release containing three different live concerts which Robert Rich performed in 1998. For the most part, the release contains new music, except an occasional existing track from the Lustmord/Rich album “Stalker”, found on disc one and three.
Overall, the outcome is a dark, damp, highly atmospheric and organic flavoured affair with some surreal and grainy elements scattered over the recordings.

The first and second disc feature typical Rich-soundscapes with lots of glurp, environmental sounds, ethnic percussion, melancholic bamboo flute, hypnotising soundscapes and lap steel guitar with an occasional experimental sidestep.
Of all three discs, the last one is my favourite due to its coherent, highly immersive ambient soundscaping.

All in all, “Humidity” offers almost three hours of deep, otherworldly ambient music which demands focussed listening and a pair of adventurous ears.


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