Robert Rich & Ian Boddy – Lithosphere

Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - Lithosphere

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Robert Rich & Ian Boddy – Lithosphere
CD, DiN, 2005

This is the second collaborative album of Rich & Boddy, released as a limited edition of 2000 copies. It’s the outcome of ten days of hard work in Rich’s studio.

Compared to its predecessor “Outpost”, the sound and overall feel of the new album is more organic, energetic and down to earth.
So expect some great lap steel guitar, powerful bass murmurs, string and woodwind loops and lots of sampled ingredients. They are fused utilising an alternate just intonation tuning which sometimes has a slight experimental edge.
An excellent track is e.g.“Chamber”, in my view a typical Rich-composition featuring melancholic, hovering textures over a light sequence while the analogue intro of “Subduction” definitely holds the Boddy trademark before Rich’s melancholy fades in.

“Lithophere” is a well crafted piece of work lasting 52 minutes which heads for new borders, visiting darker and lighter but always innovative corners of ambient music. Nicely done guys!


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