Robert Rich & Ian Boddy – React

Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - React


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Robert Rich & Ian Boddy – React
CD, DiN, 2008

For me, these two talented and experienced musicians have already proved what they are capable of on their previous two studio albums.
“React” is proof of their first ever live performance, which took place at the Star’s End radio show 30th anniversary celebration concert in June 2007, which must have been a stunning event.

The eleven tracks contained on this energetic album carry some references to some pieces from “Outpost” and “Lithosphere”, now expanding the sonic picture even more with thunder striking sequencing, rhythms and captivating textural ambiences, as nicely highlighted on the second track “Ice Fields”.

The created atmospheric tapestry of the whole album feels like a living entity, which nicely shape shifts all the way with surprising turns and twists.
On “Slow Hand” some great thunderous sequencing and rhythms compliment Rich’s moving lap steel guitar work.
Later on, we encounter Rich’s delicate flute playing and Boddy immersive textural ambience on “Blue Moon”, before thunder strikes another time as we get to the strong title track. The latter definitely is the most dynamic piece on the album with its pulsating sequencing, rhythms and emotional guitar work.

The icing on the cake for “React” comes from Robert Rich, who did an excellent job on the mastering of all music.
Mission very well accomplished, guys!


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