Robert Rich & Lisa Moskow – Yearning

Robert Rich & Lisa Moskow - Yearning

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Robert Rich & Lisa Moskow – Yearning
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 1995

After her contribution to one track on “Propagation”, Robert Rich invited American sarod-player Lisa Moscow for his full-length “Yearning”.

Most of the sounds on “Yearning” are acoustic in origin and then radically processed via electronics, exploring the most intense, introspective elements in a contemporary electroacoustic ambience. Sonically it challenges to extract the slow, introductory part of the Indian raga called the “alap” from its usual role and recast it as a stand-alone kind of ambient sphere.

The six parts are making up a lifting, spiritual and invoking soundscape with certain meditative but hard to point currents. While several levels and layers are explored, the music melts an ancient natural/ organic sound with lush modern sound washes.

The 60-minute “Yearning” offers long, slow and imaginative music, so a bit of patience is required as it should be understood this is music that is meant to create a deep space over time, and over many repeated listens.


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