Robert Rich – Nest

Robert Rich - Nest


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Robert Rich – Nest
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Soundscape Productions, 2012

“Nest”, by Robert described as a revery of landscape and internal spaces, is one of the calmest and subdued releases I know by him. Incorporating lots of environmental and natural sounds made in Australia, the continuous, overall contemplative music has a strong soothing effect.

Long drifting and slow evolving drone textures, sustained piano and flute along some fine lap steel guitar and occasional sounds of glass and copper bells form the deep and ethereal outcome, not forgetting some additional sounds from Robert’s trusted MOTM modular.

For me, this is a fascinating cinematic sound painting about the natural worlds of wonder surrounding us. It reaches a highlight on the beautiful two-part “Generosity of Solitude”, where intimacy, introspection and balance embrace and contribute each other seamlessly. The warm, gently cascading atmospheres making up the 65-minute “Nest” also contains various echoes of Brian Eno’s tranquil ambient musings.

All in all, the profound sense of repose embedded in this fine recording is most pleasant, offering a most rewarding alternative to the fast, hectic world of modern society that surrounds us nowadays.
Well done, Robert!


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