Robert Rich – Neurogenesis

Robert Rich - Neurogenesis

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Robert Rich – Neurogenesis
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Soundscape Productions, 2020

Initial work on “Neurogenesis” -inspired by a complex, mathematically-tinged lucid dream Mr. Rich had in March of 2019- took off in the summer of 2019, but then took a hiatus when the Covid lockdown kicked in in March 2020. This was also the period when some long-time listeners of Robert’s music started requesting something meditative to ease the stress (which became“Offering to the Morning Fog”).

When Robert returned to the project the intended music evolved into busy, quickly moving layered arpeggios and pure harmonic tunings, all of a more electric and harmonically pure nature than heard on Rich’s previous albums “Electric Ladder”, “Filaments”, or “Geometry”.

Being adjusted to the imaginary, calmer soundscapes featured on Robert’s prior releases, it actually took me a while to adjust to this active form of music infused with myriads of dense, minimalist, and cyclic structures. This most certainly applies to the first three tracks. A mellower sound design though starts surfacing on “Connective”, “Dendritic” and “Arcadian” which also sees the lovely appearance of PVC flutes before shifting back to active mode one last time on album closer “Erinacea”.

Above all, I like the hypnotic yet ethereal currents and uplifting vibe found throughout this excellently mixed and mastered 48-minute recording.


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