Robert Rich – Offering to the Morning Fog

Robert Rich - Offering to the Morning Fog

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Robert Rich – Offering to the Morning Fog
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Soundscape Productions, 2020

The music of “Offering to the Morning Fog” was created on-demand as it was made in response to various requests from listeners who had asked Robert if he had any unreleased music that could offer a quiet place for them to breathe for a while. As nothing of that sort was available, Mr Rich decided to create something new: a spontaneous, quiet, gentle work, not trying to make any statement at all as is was intended as a gift to all who felt the heavy burden of the (extended) Covid lockdown.

The high-quality outcome is a 6-track/68-minute ethno-ambient dreamworld of imaginative and blissful sonic musings with some thought-provoking edges. The listener can immerse and dwell effortlessly through vast, fluid evolving spaces where melancholy and mournfulness roams. Comfort and stress-relief are deeply embedded in this aural balm. “Offering to the Morning Fog” -that also works great in infinite-playback mode- makes an excellent and fulfilling sonic companion into alternate realities to lift-up mind, body and soul. Headphone-listening is strongly recommended. Thanks Robert for this fine treat.

P.S.  The final track in the download-version (uploaded in full 24/96 resolution, FLAC format) is a repeat of the entire album, flowing together continuously as Robert Rich intend it.



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