Robert Rich – Open Window

Robert Rich - Open Window

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Robert Rich Open Window
CD, Soundscape Productions, 2004

In the period after “Calling Down the Sky”, Robert Rich took a necessary brake before he could sit down and make up his mind about “Open Window”, an album filled with 60 minutes of solo piano music .

Piano music was often part of his live-concerts, and the pieces heard here were the ones which seemed to write itself when effort vanished in the two months of recording.

The eight improvised tracks on “Open Window” sound pure, elegant and heartfelt, they speak for themselves in all their honesty and simplicity. They remind of the “Piano 1” and “Piano 2” samplers of the Private Music label, but this one stands out in its own way.

In all, this album is a beautiful “counter-balance” to Roberts ethereal ambient soundscapes.


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