Robert Rich – Propagation

Robert Rich - Propagation

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Robert Rich – Propagation
CD, Hearts of Space, 1994

“Propagation” is a concept album about biology and the many elements of life, a sonic metaphor for “the miraculous process of living”, the spreading of genetic material across the planet in a brilliant, perpetually evolving dance of chemical, biological, and spiritual ecstasy.

The cross-cultural, electro-acoustic and organic sound filling the album reaches for a new level of maturity and complexity, the sound synthesis being spiced by upfront world rhythms and alternate tunings.

Along with “Rain Forest”, the versatile and rich sounding “Propagation” reveals Robert’s more melodic/rhythmic side, featuring a range of his own acoustic instruments, self-made samples and sound design. Deeper sonic spheres are encountered on the soft dwelling and breathing “Luminous Horizon”, while possibly the best sonic aura unfolds on the closing track “Gulin”. It makes “Propagation” a mature electro-acoustic outing with a nice lead of just intonation.


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