Robert Rich – Rainforest

Robert Rich - Rainforest

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Robert Rich – Rainforest
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hearts of Space, 1989

Back in 1989, the release of “Rainforest” marked a major breakthrough for Robert Rich, who actually made the album as an expression of despair and respect for our planet.

Musically this “rainforest” recording tells a totally different story though, compared to e.g. the free form works of Thom Brennan dealing with the same concept. Robert’s imaginary journey into the damp and beautiful environment of the rainforest is made up of organic flavoured, softly pulsating textures, “xylophone”-percussion and moody, environmental soundcreation. The smooth resonating and earthy synth textures on this classic recording make up a great form of reflective tone poetry, offering both rhythmic (“Mbira”, “Drumsong”) and drifting, atmospheric outings.

Fairly grounded in the sounds of the planet, the impressive outcome on “Rainforest” is an intense and highly cinematic recording of “tribal” spacemusic with a slight mysterious vibe which hasn’t lost any of its significance and beauty since the day it was released.

By all means a recommended album.


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