Robert Rich & Steve Roach – Strata

Robert Rich & Steve Roach - Strata


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Robert Rich & Steve Roach – Strata
CD, Hearts of Space, 1990

The previous short collaborations on “Dreamtime Return” and “Desert Solitaire” between ambient musicians Steve Roach and Robert Rich have finally ended up on the full-length album “Strata”, a work of “geologic” ambient, unlocking the entrance to a deeper sound experience.

Aiming to create sounds that evoke a reverie, the highly reflective ambient musings, spread out over 10 tracks, features a wide range acoustic and exotic sound sources and tribal rhythms as heard on “Fearless” and “Mica”.
“Magma” deserves a special mention due to its dark and foreboding impact, making a stunning earth-moving experience.

At more than one occasion through, surreal and otherworldly undercurrents are present in the tribal music, finding a space of serene and haunting beauty in tracks such as “The Grotto of Time Lost” (the absolute highlight on the album) , “Forever” and “La Luna”.

Every ambient music fan whose looking for some serious sonic immersion whould dig this high-standard collaborative effort.
“Strata” is an absolute must-have.


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