Robert Rich – Sunyata

Robert Rich - Sunyata

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Robert Rich – Sunyata
Mc/CD/Digital Download, Soundscape/Hypnos Recordings, 1982/2000

Robert Rich’s 1982-debut “Sunyata” grew out of all-night concerts and was reissued on cd in remastered form. A student at Stanford University at the time, Robert was already concerned with the fact that music is capable of altering consciousness, and the intended psycho-active stimuli on “Sunyata” are a first statement of this. Of the then three tracks, one piece already found its way as a bonus track to the cd- reissue of “Trance & Drones”, so the remaining two pieces (19:37 and 43:25 minutes respectively) fill the present disc. Both tracks, best experienced at low volume, are typical longform soundscapes that seem to be related to Michael Stearns’ early period: nature sounds (mainly water) are interwoven with ethereal, slightly intoxicating soundscapes where the end result evokes an almost spooky and ominous feel (especially in “Oak Spirits”).

“Sunyata” is, in my opinion, a uniformly propelling and hardly varied vehicle that seems to be reserved for die-hearts only. Even then it is questionable whether they will enjoy and relax the most minimal approach and very slow motion trance music lasting for an hour. The sound quality is reasonably good.


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