Robert Rich – The Biode

Robert Rich - The Biode

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Robert Rich – The Biode
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Soundscape Productions, 2018

Coined by the composer as a surrealist electronic journey through the microbiome, “The Biode” -featuring heavy use of modular synths and the Haken Continuum- harkens back to Robert’s 2001 album “Bestiary”.

The two opening tracks are in- your-face abstract-experimental and pretty hard to digest. Fortunately the outcome becomes accessible thereafter with just few exceptions (like “A Porous Membrane”) while lots of melancholic, organic-based sound design and refined analogue wizardy graces the sound stage.

So one best skip the first 7 minutes of this album if that is not your cup of tea and enjoy the remaining 50 minutes of meditative organic analog sounds with exploration through a fractal universe as a theme running underneath.


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