Robert Schroeder – 30 Years After

Robert Schroeder - 30 Years After

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Robert Schroeder 30 Years After
CD, Spheric Music, 2009

After a brand new cd in the Spring of 2009 (“Taste It”), Fall 2009 sees the release of “30 Years After”, a sort-of retrospective album by Robert Schroeder.

One may expect otherwise, but “30 Years After” does not contain previous released tracks. It more or less revisits the sounds, vibes and atmospheres of the longs days gone by (“with the current opportunities”). It was the time young Robert Schroeder started out as an electronic musician back in 1979, most notably with his classic and still achingly beautiful “Harmonic Ascendant”.

The beautiful intro of the latter opens the album, soon followed by the modified voice of Robert reciting the text in the cd-booklet, which actually ruins the whole atmosphere. The moody, quieting “Hypnotics” is next with a groovy rhythm and airy synth pads, shifting to the down-tempo, still unhurried “All you can Dream”, containing crossover elements and voice samples.
Catchy analogue spirits, sequencer patterns and an up-tempo rhythm dominate the well-executed “Modifiers”, followed by the modern impact of the chill-out “Let it Flow” with its warm, flowing soundscapes.

The old ’70/’80 spirit rises up on “Destination Galactica” with bouncy sequencers and choir pads, although the distinct modern approach is present as well. The seventh track, “A New Message”, refers to the track from the album “Time Waves”. But although it’s a moody track, it by far doesn’t possess nor create the same impact, which is also due to the use of not that fancy e-guitar licks.

“Mood Control”, the longest piece on the album, tries to revive the atmosphere of the past in its own, groovy manner. The occasional vintage choirs and effects are great, but the dreamy impact suffers too much from modern technology and out of place noodlings.
The closing title track has a nice soaring solo voice but flat sounding rhythms, next to being too short to really make a point.

Although a versatile and accessible album bridging the old and the new, “30 Years after” remains a bit disappointing overlooking its overall outcome.


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