Robert Schroeder – Backspace

Robert Schroeder - Backspace

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Robert Schroeder – Backspace
CD, Spheric Music , 2014

According the liner notes, “Backspace” is an album filled with electronic music for the flight through the universe of fantasies and emotions which could even be on top of Mr Schroeders 2007-recording “SphereWare”.

Well, expect 10 tracks/73 minutes of good mood, emotive and highly accessible electronics with assorted percussion where the fine echoes of Berliner School, ’80’s electronics and the contemporary are nicely merged together. While expressing his known sonic trademark, Robert comes up with nicely paced and attractive sequencer patterns presented in faster (“SpaceRace”) and slower mode (“Stardust”). The impact and sound design of the latter make things fall in the mellow, chill-out corner for the most part.

This also goes for the up-tempo freeform style heard in the 13-minute title track, despite not being a catchy track such as the vibrant “SpaceRace” kicking off the album. Inbetween, pieces like “Floating Lights”, “Dream Reminder” , “Waves of Imagination” or (the bit weird) “Dark Matter” explore the spaces out there in a gentle, unhurried and lush fashion. At the tail of the album, “Wake Up” delivers a swinging, groovy outro.

All in all, “BackSpace” is for any fan of tradition and general melodic music with a tad of grooviness thrown in there occasionally.


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