Robert Schroeder – Brain Voyager

Robert Schroeder - Brain Voyager


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Robert Schroeder – Brain Voyager
CD, Racket Records, 1985

The album “Brainvoyager” is the film soundtrack which Robert Schroeder composed for the German movie “Glücksgedanken”.

It is in fact one of my favourite albums of this musician until today, as it stand out due to the well-composed harmonic/reflective themes and their overall smooth, relaxing nature.

The dreamy music is even more impressive when listening with a good pair of headphones, as the music was recorded using a dummy head microphone, which resulted in spacious, head-oriented stereophony.

Robert’s warm, well-crafted electronic compositions with melancholic undercurrents are accompanied by some moody acoustic guitar and even features the vocals of Monika Rath on the title track.

The real gem though on the album is its hypnotizing conclusion: “The Inside of Feelings” is a heart-felt piece in which the beauty of electronic music shines through every vein.
“Brain Voyager” is a great and crystallin sounding album to cherish.
Well done, Robert!


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