Robert Schroeder – Computer Voice

Robert Schroeder - Computer Voice

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Robert Schroeder – Computer Voice
CD, DA Music, 1994

The music on Mr Schroeder’s “Computer Voice” is a good example of still fresh sounding contemporary electronic music blending themes of space and earth into a lush and transparent formula while also implementing bits of experiment.

Most of the album’s spacious and technological sounding music, that’s actually a concised chronicle of Schroeder’s music until then, relies on slow sequences, melodic lines, bass beats and effects. It though could have benefitted from a further development of certain themes, something that does happen on the two nice Galaxie Cygnus tracks.

The most melodic and up-tempo track is the 5-minute “Rotary Motion” found in the second half of the album, switching off with the otherworldly ambient spheres of “Liberty Island”. After that, the final piece, “Galaxie Cygnus-A (part 5)” is a delight to listen to as it beautifully mirrors the beauty and dimensions of endless space through sound.

In 2010, Robert re-released the 37-minute album on cd-r on his own label. It contained sound-updated versions of four of the original tracks along one bonus track.


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