Robert Schroeder – Cream

Robert Schroeder - Cream


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Robert Schroeder – Cream
CD, Spheric Music, 2010

The music of “Cream” sees Robert Schroeder return to the musical style he was popular for in the early ‘80’s, and blending it with fresh contemporary electronic sounds.

Their’s a pleasant mellowness lying over the six tracks, nicely kicked off by the almost 14-minute “Magnetics” which features elevating and warm textures and twinkling sequencer elements which in their own way recall the early years days of his solo music.

Three of the chill-out ambient pieces clock over 10 minutes, allowing the music to nicely evolve, while also leaving room for smooth, soft yearning and soaring solo voices. There’s even some vocoder passing by on the slightly funky but also loungy oriented “Funky Spacetrip”.

Despite the minimal framework seen in each track, the unhurried and spacious vibe running through the overall music will be appreciated by em-fans old and new.


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