Robert Schroeder – Cygnus-A

Robert Schroeder - Cygnus-A


Release data:

Robert Schroeder – Cygnus-A
CD, Spheric Music, 2010

To much surprise, Robert Schroeder announced the cd-release of this album in 2010, that appears to be well-done re-recording of the classic album “Galaxie Cygnus-A” from 1982.

The biggest relief though for me is that the overall ambience of the slow morphing and dreamy music stays very close to the original, this despite the adding of some extra effects, textures and a cleaner overall sound along the use of new track titles.
The cosmic music also sounds more spatial and transparent, and the whispered phrases have been shortened at the start of the album.

s a bonus, Robert has added an extra track from the same period to this extra-ordinary, otherworldly music trip, now known as “Cygnus-A”.


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