Robert Schroeder – D.MO Vol. 4 Harmonic Decadence

Robert Schroeder - D.MO Vol. 4 Harmonic Decadence

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Robert Schroeder – D.MO Vol. 4 Harmonic Decadence
CD, Spheric Music, 2017

Some long-time and avid Em-fans may remember German synthesist Robert Schroeder once contributed a track called “Harmonic Decadence” to Inkey$ No. 2 cassette (1983). The track is actually just a part of a larger sonic canvas composed in 1979 -for which Robert only used his self-built monophonic synthesizers and sequencers- and meant to be released as his debut album. His record company though decided otherwise and rejected it as sounding too electronic.

It’s fair to say though “Harmonic Decadence” morphed into the outcome of Robert’s “Harmonic Ascendant” as part of the original music surfaces clearly on its title track. The influence and sound of his mentor Klaus Schulze (especially his live stuff) from the late ’70s is a clear reference throughout the 49-minute outcome featuring slow sequencer patterns, various analogue pads and an occasional solo voice.

Despite various drop-outs, some distortion and below average audio quality, both music parts display a warm tapestry of atmospheres breathing a lovely retro charm that’s quite addictive. This applies especially to “Harmonic Decadence Side-B” where some great interlocking sections and tasty ingredients meet and melt in harmony.


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