Robert Schroeder – Dream Access

Robert Schroeder - Dream Access

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Robert Schroeder – Dream Access
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2015

With “Dream Access”, Robert Schroeder stays close to his signature sound, playing lush solos and creating melodic/moody spheres without getting the least complicated.

It’s nice though to see the composer try a few new things, such as the less structured, more atmospheric-oriented “SpacePort” featuring nice choir pads, a slow evolving sequence and lots of air along a bit of ’80’s electronic percussion. Next are the surreal twists of the rather loungy “Brain Drain”, followed by the melodic, easy-going song “Imagination” which sees a rich display of elements passes by in just 4 minutes.

The next three pieces aren’t as strong as they simply stick more to the mellow-melodic tune formulae (most notably “Solar Steams” and “Time Axis”). The chill-out “Floating in Dreams” wanders back slightly to the realm of the first half.

Overall, “Dream Access” offers fresh sounding contemporary electronic music where echoes of old school synth music shine through occasionally.


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