Robert Schroeder – Esthétique

Robert Schroeder - Esthétique

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Robert Schroeder – Esthétique
CD, Spheric Music, 2011

Since Robert Schroeder showed up again several years ago after a long period of silence, he kept up a steady schedule of new releases as if he started a second youth.

Like its recent predecessors, the music of “Esthétique” (another 24-bit production) offers vintage-flavoured and sequencer-based elements glued together and presented in a contemporary, groovy framework along his trademark sound.

The addition of vocal and vocoder bits here and there is ok, but at certain spots they’re quirky and a bit annoying.In addition, I’m still not too happy with the melodic e-guitar licks featured in the tradition of his project Double Fantasy/Food for Fantasy. The latter especially applies to the 14-minute chill-out track “Evaluation of Time”, a synthetic computer composition wrapped in a warm sound design.

Regarding sound design, there’s a lot of things happening in the spacious and transparent sounding title track, a rather complex but nice turmoil of floaty elements. The soaring and a bit loud solo voice in “Energizer” hails back to his first period of releases. The final piece “Oscillation” is stronger and more pronounced, coming close to his output as Double Fantasy/Food for Fantasy.

Overall, the album’s music is dreamy but rhythmic/melodic oriented, making up atmospheric chill-out for modern times.


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