Robert Schroeder – Ferro Oxid

Robert Schroeder - Ferro Oxid

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Robert Schroeder – Ferro Oxid
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2012

On his 28th album “Ferro Oxid”, Robert Schroeder pairs authentic sounds and the feel of nostalgic EM with nowadays contemporary music and technology in a beautiful manner. In addition, Robert here doesn’t stick to simple tunes and melodic songs only.

The sparkling 11-minute title track is a great opener, mixing infectious sequencers and mesmerizing pads with occasional soaring solo voices, all creating a great vibe. Gentle spheres and choirs settle down on the nicely rendered “Nature Processed”, with a rhythm starting in the last few minutes. A groovy feel, as we know from Roberts previous albums, kicks in on the third piece “Reduction”, and rounds out with nice choir pads. Relaxed moods with a slight loungy angle continue on the following tracks, bearing Schroeders sonic trademark throughout.

The mid-tempo and bouncy “Time is Changing” airs a positive feel overall, accompanied by spatial guitar patterns, occasional leads and vocoder licks. The latter is also found on the moody “Matter Decay”, a more descriptive and sensitive outing that’s smoothly set in motion after a few minutes. The last take on the album is the 10-minute “Acceleration”, which is another spheric painting for the biggest part, featuring Schulzian-choir tapestries, light sequencer patterns and rhythms.

Overall, “Ferro Oxid” makes a tasty and well-accomplished album with a nice, open and recognizable sound.


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