Robert Schroeder – Flavour of the Past

Robert Schroeder - Flavour of the Past

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Robert Schroeder – Flavour of the Past
CD, Spheric Music, 2015

Now here’s an album that put a slight smile on my face, as it comprises various single and/or commissioned tracks from Mr Schroeder that ended up on samplers, including those he delivered for concept albums of IC and Cue Records.

Some of these pieces on “Flavour of the Past” have a special charm, at least for me, such as the simple but effective “Just a Love Song” or the smooth cosmic vibes evoked by “Big Joe” and “Sounds and Noises”. Next to these we also e.g. find the ’80’s “Final Legacy” -also called “The Challenge”– recording as both the narrated story + instrumental version, which only came out on mc back then. I even remember Robert played this dynamic track in 1990 during his WDR/Schwingungen concert.

Contrary to that, “Sax Delight” and the demonstration music “The Sound” make light-weight songs while “Galactic Floor” presents a dance-disco sound. Fortunately, “Polarisation” and “Diamond Stars” come up with a more adventurous, cohesive and mature sound.

All in all, it’s pleasant to have some of these archival tracks available in a handier format.


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