Robert Schroeder – Floating Music edition 2023

Robert Schroeder - Floating Music edition 2023

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Robert Schroeder – Floating Music edition 2023
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2023

It rather puzzled me what point is/was to publish Mr. Schroeder´s second album “Floating Music” for the third time since the vinyl release in 1980. I figure it must be a long-time wish from Spheric Music to complete the RS catalog.

The original album had mixed tracks, so side A had three flowing into each other and B had five tracks. It was pressed to run on 45rpm lasting around 18 minutes per side for better sound quality but the sleeve also stated that it can be played on 33rpm ‘with different effects’. In 1990 the first cd reissue had the same track listing as the lp, a faithful reissue. The year 2009 saw a reissue of some of Mr. Schroeder’s albums under the ‘Power Sound Edition’ badge which were remastered for more ‘punch’ with “Floating Music” gaining two extra tracks, so 10 individually split tracks.

Now this new reworked and remastered reissue features different sounds/mixes and nine individual tracks. The (9th) 23-minute bonus track -containing quite a lot of background noise- recaps the sound and atmosphere of Robert’s classic early ’80s music into the contemporary domain (reading: it merges & remixes large sections of the original music/tracks in one continuous piece which makes it rather obsolete).

Still, grab this one if you (still) missed out on Robert’s early classic space music and love his pleasant melodic blend of sounds from his own self-built synths merged with those of Polymoog, CS-80, and PPG-Modular.


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