Robert Schroeder – Floating Music

Robert Schroeder - Floating Music

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Robert Schroeder – Floating Music
LP/CD, Innovative Communications/Racket Records, 1980

The cosmic music that was released in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s has a special significance and flavor to many. German composer Robert Schroeder jumped on that wagon around 1979 by introducing his highly acclaimed debut “Harmonic Ascendant”. For his music he applied custom-build electronic instruments along acoustic instruments and received some fine help and advice by Klaus Schulze and Michael Weisser.

“Floating Music” is Robert’s second release, where the mellow, easy-going sound and flavour of his debut has shifted to pure electronics with an own signature sound, on parts accompanied by some live drums.

A curious path of hypnotic electronic patterns is sketched out on two longform pieces of 17 and 18 minutes each, adressing the flowing-ethereal, melodic and otherworldly. Both feature various tempo variations, weird-changing ambiences and abstract-oriented/spaced-out textures. “Floating Music – Divine My Future – Pastime” comes forward as the strongest, due to a much nicer evolving and more appealing melodic curve (which also arise in “Shadows in the Night” and “Rotary Motion”).


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