Robert Schroeder – Galaxie Cygnus-A

Robert Schroeder - Galaxie Cygnus-A

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Robert Schroeder – Galaxie Cygnus-A
LP, Innovative Communications, 1982

In my opinion, the cosmic symphony “Galaxie Cygnus-A” is the most remarklable project German synthesist Robert Schroeder did in the ‘80’s. In it, visual artist Michael Weisser (who later on would found Software with Peter Mergener) was also involved.

The “Musik-Computer-Sinfonie” project, as it was adapted, was commisioned for a multimedia event during the ARS-Electronica 1982 in Linz. There, it played from tape, and not performed live, as many always seem to have thought.

For this highly atmospheric, and truly cosmic album, white and interstellar noise (all obtained from the big radio telescope in Effelsberg -which is shown on the lp-cover) was transformed to sounds.
Later on, these were intelligently merged with rhythmless, slowly morphing soundscape textures which Robert made with his self-built vintage gear.
The outcome on this epic is overall mysterious and haunting, with only an occasional melodic or sequencer line showing up.

Strangely enough, “Galaxie Cygnus-A” never appeared on cd. So all who are looking for a real and rewarding cosmic treat, start your search for this classic vinyl release, which was only made available in limited quantities.


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