Robert Schroeder – Into the Light

Robert Schroeder - Into the Light

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Robert Schroeder – Into the Light

CD, Spheric Music, 2023

With his release Into the Light”, the Aachen-based musician brings his listeners a 57-minute concept album that sonically stays close to that of Berlin School but contains far fewer tunes.

The 12-minute opening title track already harkens back nicely to the tasty soundscape, choir/string pads, gentle percussion, and sequencer-infused music Robert made in his early days and the trademark he would develop from there. The analoque vibe along the warm, relaxed mood and feel created here is continued on the next two tracks, where things evolve in an unhurried manner despite the tempo shifting in a tad higher gear on the groovier “Traffic Beach. The remaining four tracks don’t stray far from Schroeder’s recent releases. The only thing I question though is the (fortunately only) brief implementation of whispered voice into the music, something I remember Robert did as well on previous releases.


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