Robert Schroeder – New Frequencies Vol. 1

Robert Schroeder - New Frequencies Vol. 1

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Robert Schroeder – New Frequencies Vol. 1
CD, Spheric Music, 2010

The flow of Schroeder-releases is still strong at Spheric Music, as February 2010 brings us “New Frequencies Vol. 1” after two other albums in the previous year.

This studio project, exclusively produced using only a pc and a midi keyboard, focuses on modern electronic grooves. The strong “Rhythm Dancer” kicks off very nicely with groovy bass notes and tasty rhythms in aimable Schroeder-style. But a certain superficial, easy going feel already sets in on the dancy “The Reason Why”, mixing a bouncing beat, vocals samples, digital trumpet and analogue/digital sound pads, and “I Like it” coming next.

In these 65 minutes of music, one can hear echoes of the music and sparkling effects reminding of the albums Robert put out before the Spheric-period, but now repacked in spicy, overall sequencer-driven contemporary instrumental and chill-out form, and mostly layered with groovy structures and sampling techniques.

Mr Schroeder sure knows his ways through the genre of accessible groove/chill-out and post modern music production.
But most of all, these fresh electronics for the new generation (especially a track such as “A Night in Space”) made me long for the good old times in electronic music, which are long gone bye…


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