Robert Schroeder – Pyroclast

Robert Schroeder - Pyroclast  


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Robert Schroeder – Pyroclast
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2021

With “Pyroclast”, Robert Schroeder -though taking a different sonic road- has delivered a cosmic-angled recording keeping the quality on par with his previous release “C’est Magique”. Robert even revisits the sounds and enchanting atmospheres of his early works occasionally throughout the quite ambient-oriented album, something I appreciate especially.

Opener “Pressure” already features sections of vintage ‘70’s Berlin School melted with vibrant percussion, (Mellotron) pads, and well-tempered sequences creating an exciting mood. Calm, slow evolving spheres are sketched out on “Plasma” and “Tephra”, then shifting to soft symphonic-melodic realms on the string-based “Eruption” while things seem to come to a kind of stand-still on the bit weary sounding first half of “Inside Out”. Mr. Schroeder though blows his credit on the superficial “Fertile Soil” dressed with some Enigma monk chants.

“Exothermic Energy” proves a more dynamic (but still chilled-out) exercise with its keen combo of pulsating sequence and assorted rhythm accompanied by spacious solo voices and Mellotron choir pads. Ambient chill-out also rules on the final “Pyroclastic Flows” featuring Schroeder’s trademark solo voice aside from warm synths pads, a lush rhythm, and some Mellotron choir textures. Overall, “Pyroclast” has a lot to offer for Schroeder-fans I reckon.


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