Robert Schroeder – Spaces of a Dream

Robert Schroeder - Spaces of a Dream

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Robert Schroeder – Spaces of a Dream
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2022

The sound of Robert’s previous album already showed a return to his early output, and this also applies to “Spaces of a Dream” in a certain way. Most of all it’s a contemporary release on which modern techniques are used throughout, but it’s nice to hear various choral textures show up in the slow as well as the bit more spiced-up sequenced, lush compositions. There are various melodic lines and hints, but they take the backseat in favor of attentively built, emotive charged vaporous soundscapes dressed with typical Schroeder sound(effects) and calm rhythms. All is executed in futurist/chill-out mode. “A Spiritual Journey” encountered halfway is actually the only moment during the 55-minute continuous ride I feel things tend to sound too easygoing and kinda cheesy. Schroeder fans won’t be disappointed with this release, I reckon.


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