Robert Schroeder – TimeWaves

Robert Schroeder - TimeWaves

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Robert Schroeder – TimeWaves
CD, Racket Records/daMusic, 1986

“TimesWaves”, Robert’s eight release, is considered a worthy album within the Schroeder discography by many. It leads the German musician in a contemporary instrumental style in which new digital technology and the digital sound of the ’80’s play an import part.

First released on Direct Metal Mastering vinyl only, the cd following after it contained the bonus track “Imagine” plus an extended version of “Waveshape”. The first half of the album is made up by accessible, melodic and more commercial-oriented tunes, at times featuring some of the typical digital drum sounds (most notably on “Waveshape”).

The main course though on the album is the 18-minute “The Message”, where Robert lifts things to a higher level. The latter is due to the “joint-venture” of melody, digital drums and excellent sequencer-structures. I personally like the second half of the first ten minutes best, as this leaves the melodic solo voice out while the frantic sequencers and drums carry along. Thereafter, the piece receives a gentle, atmospheric outing. On his own website, Robert reveals this dynamic title was originally not intended for release on the vinyl-edition, as it was actually meant and especially produced as demo music for a commercial firm into high-quality car HiFi systems. The last track, “Flowmotion”, makes a nice and smooth outro of “TimesWaves”.

In 2009, Robert re-released the album on cd-r on his own News-Music label performing an all over sound correction on the music with new computer technology.


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