Robert Scott Thompson – Pale Blue Dot

Robert Scott Thompson - Pale Blue Dot

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Robert Scott Thompson – Pale Blue Dot

Electro-acoustic ambient is a specialty of Robert Scott Thompson, who’s a professor of music composition at Atlanta’s Georgia State University, a genre which challenges him to reset the boundaries during his many releases.

“Pale Blue Dot” curls up eight compositions where ethereal and lush atmospheric drift runs into the quirky, strange otherworldly and enigmatic. Mind though is not your ordinary cup of cosmic music, as the album presents a desolate sounding outcome with an edge. Vague echoes of Eno & Budd fly by (“Slow Rotation of Stars”, “Lunar Idyll”) along various abstract-experimental flavored hooks and peculiar twists. Melancholy creeps in gently on the closing piece “Apogee”, which feels like a farewell as it drifts off.

In all, “Pale Blue Dot” forms a daring recording with an adventurous component not so easy to digest. The original cd-r release on Anodize is already gone, but a cd re-release is scheduled for November 2016. Until that time only the digital release is available.


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