Roger Eno & Brian Eno – Mixing Colours

Roger Eno & Brian Eno - Mixing Colours

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Roger Eno and Brian Eno – Mixing C0lours
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deutsche Grammophone, 2020

Roger and Brian Eno’s collaborative debut-release “Mixing Colours” (created out of a back-and-forth process between the two brothers over a 15-year period) is an exploration into sound through pastel-coloured impressionistic, contemplative soundscapes.

All but one of the recording’s eighteen soft resonating tracks take their titles from abstract and uncommon shades on the colour palette while focussing on sonic quality and sonic colour throughout. These treated, piano-led pieces dressed with soft slowing synth textures feel like a comforting blanket and a sonic escape for the heart, mind and soul in these times of despair and insecurity. The melancholic spheres making up “Obsedian” are a great testament of that while “Cerulean Blue” is a heart-warming piece to cuddle up.

While I imagine this marriage of minimal, elegant and occasionally haunting soundings may not offer enough variety for some listeners, those willing to give “Mixing Colours” further spins will discover the deeper resonance in its core.



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