Rogier – From the Shadow to the Sun

Rogier - From the Shadow to the Sun

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Rogier – From the Shadow to the Sun
CD, Quantum Records, 2004

“From The Shadow to the Sun” is the first official record by Dutch professional composer, arranger, producer and musician Rogier van Gaal, aka Rogier.

The outcome on this cd indeed sounds upper-class and very rich, and the first name that jumped in my mind was Vangelis. Next to lots of lyrical flavours, there’s also a slight easy-going/romantic feel constantly lurking around the corner as Rogier expertly displays his varied symphonic-oriented compositions.

Personally, I’m not too fond of the quite often used melodic flute sound as solo voice, but they are nicely counterparted by vibrant piano passages and big, spacious and majestic string and choir pads. Only on “Into The Mountains”, the longest track on the album, the music turns up the up-beat, dance alley, so if he would play a live-concert, this would be a proper encore.

In the end, the well-executed but also mainstream outcome of “From The Shadow to the Sun” proves Rogier doesn’t take any risks (and even the bonus track doesn’t change that).

Rogier’s mellow and warm flowing music sticks to the path of discrete and rather contemplative instrumental music, although there’s a string of drama and emotion embedded in them as well.
If you by any chance come across this album (although the label that put it out is defunct for years), make sure to check it out though.



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