Rolf Trostel – Narrow Gate to Life

Rolf Trostel - Narrow Gate to Life

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Rolf Trostel – Narrow Gate to Life
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Musique Intemporelle/MiG, 1995/2022

In spring 2022 I suggested the German MIG label consider re-releasing “Narrow Gate to Life”, the classic fourth album by Berlin-based electronic musician Rolf Trostel. As they hadn’t heard of him nor weren´t able to track him down, I helped them make contact with him with a little assistance from Bernd Kistenmacher (who released the recording initially back in 1995 as part of Musique Intemporelle’s M.I. Collection). Glad to say this worked out fine, as MIG announced around October the re-release would be out in November. Despite various efforts from my side to contact Mr. Trostel in order to get some further background info etc. on it, things, unfortunately, stayed silent.

So what to tell about the music performed and recorded during a concert on the 22nd of October 1983 at the Spanish cathedral St. Pere de Galligants, Gerona? Well, there’s a set of great atmospheres created here with various rather mysterious (under)currents, altogether bringing listeners a lovely batch of great Berlin School and cosmic electronic music through the nice sounds of the PPG’s digital wave computer. Rolf Trostel prefers to pinpoint it all as sacred electronic music, and there’s certainly some truth in there as his original concept dealt with biblical themes expressed through vintage electronics.

This re-release, surfacing some 26 years later, has been enhanced with a bonus track (“Kyrie 777”), also the album opener. It´s not that special though as it is a piece with Gregorian chants that already made an appearance on Manikin’s ’92 “First Decade 1992-2002” compilation.




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