Romerium – Pharaoh’s Immortality

Romerium - Pharaoh's Immortality

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Romerium – Pharaoh’s Immortality
CD, Private Release, 2008

“Pharaoh’s Immortality” is the debut album by Rene Montfoort, aka Romerium, who’s a member of the Dutch electronic project Modular White. All tracks were composed, played, mixed and mastered between May 2005 and February 2008, for which (according to the linear notes) Rene mainly used the SY99 synthesizer next to Cubase with several plugins.

The album starts with a rather empty sounding free form piece, not leaving any impression. The 8-minute “A Journey through time and Dynasties” is next, which in the distance reminds of David Parsons, but in a way its sonic impact remains rather flat and superficial.

Nice, smooth sequencer patterns set out on “Last Travel along the Nile”, to which more prominent textures are added as the track evolves. Although “The Crypt”, is more rhythmic, it suffers from poor sounding drums and a flat-out sound pallet.
More interesting ideas are explore on the 17-minute “A Pyramid for a Lifetime”, a roaming soundscape (to which some sequencing is added later on) that would really benefit from a more expansive and in-depth sound.

The textural, flowing 10-minute “Travelling through the Underworld” is a very nice effort with its bubbling sound effects as it meanders forth. The album comes to a closure with the atmospheric “The Wells of Immortality”, of which the soft dwelling and warm soundscapes have an overall dreamy impact.

All in all, the best and most interesting pieces are found in the second half of the cd, which would shine even more if some more attention was giving towards mastering and producing, as for now the sound design from time to time has a raw, unsatisfying edge.


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