Romerium – Solar Sequences

Romerium - Solar Sequences

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Romerium – Solar Sequences
CD-R, Private Release, 2012

With the album “Solar Sequences” (initial title “Planets II”), Dutch synthesist Romerium (aka Rene Montfoort) has chosen for a cosmic music concept.

As the title already implies, the music takes a jolly nice sequential/rhythmic approach, kicking off with the 10-minute “Leaving Earth” that’s also available on YouTube with nice imagery. Imagery and emotion are two components that run as a firm thread through Romerium’s music, taking the listener out in the vast realm of the cosmos.

One could speculate about the loudness of the solo voice and the slightly distorted sound of several leads heard on “The Unknown Planet”, but that may have to do with the fact this piece was made in 2010. The steadier trail is picked up again on the remaining four tracks of which I especially like “Disappearing” that contains a nice bouncing and massive sequencer pattern along space effects.
The albums last track, “Signals from outer space”, is collaboration with Matzumi. It doesn’t hit the same button as the Nattefrost/Matzumi release, but still makes a fine instrumental with orchestral hints.

Although there’s still some work to be done on the finalizing, mastering and productional side of the music, “Solar Sequences” shows a further improvement compared to Romeriums previous works.


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