Romerium – Space Impressions

Romerium - Space Impressions

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Romerium – Space Impressions
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

This time around, Romerium (aka Rene Montfoort) presents us a freeform, non-rhythmic album inspired by the massive space environs surrounding us.

In 69-minutes and six tracks, he takes his listeners on a very relaxed cosmic trip through transparent nebula textures and expansive soundscape territory. Opening with a slow floating drift on warm and gentle evolving tapestries on the first piece, the music shifts to more abstract and mysterious atmospheric realms on the second track, which reveals a slight active modus later on. Thereafter, lush and swirling melodic pads lead the way, sometimes bordering to morphing drone textures, ending with the bubbling soundscapes of the sixth track.

Overall, for this album I would have preferred more of the delicate and flowing spheres heard in the opening piece.


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