Ron Berry – Osiris

Ron Berry - Osiris


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Ron Berry – Osiris
CD, Ron Berry Music, 1985/2002

I’m not familiar with the English musician Ron Berry, one of the many on the Brittish Isles who established their own style and musicianship from the mid ’80’s on.
“Osiris”,(inspired by The Egyptian Book Of The Dead) seems to be a classic recording among EM-fans, which was originally release on vinyl in 1985.

Well, I wasn’t the least disappointed as the music four lengthy tracks offer a delightful blend of melodic, soft soaring and smooth evolving instrumental music with a dash of classic TD.
The only exception is the last piece “Passage Through The Temple Of Maat”, where more abstract flavours enter the stage without losing too much of the comfortable impact of the previous music. The moody free form style featured on the 9-minute “Lake of Horus” is also a nice surprise.

Overall, the character of Berry´s sound is warm, authentic and honest, which is mostly due to Berry’s use of home-built instruments such as a unique 16-channel micro-processor sequencer and Godwin String Machine.

All in all, “Osiris” is a fine example of classic British electronic music I certainly recommend.



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