Ron Boots – Acoustic Shadows

Ron Boots - Acoustic Shadows


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RON BOOTS Acoustic Shadows
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2006

“Acoustic Shadows” is an amazing concept album by Ron Boots on the theme of war, different war periods and the various reasons which caused them. It is also a tribute to the numerous soldiers that died in numerous useless battles.

The album title is derived from “acoustic shadow”, a phenomenon whereby a sound, such as the “thunder” of artillery during a battle, can be clearly heard far in this distance and yet be unheard by observers closer to the battle.

The album is filled with six extended tracks featuring phenomenal sequencer patterns, powerful drums and great solo’s. They take the listener on an impressive, highly cinematic journey with some occasional narratives which put things in further context.

There’s the engaging, almost symphonic sounding “The Unknown Soldier”, which vaguely brings back memories on his previous project “Tainted Bare Skin”.
But there’s so much more, such as the impressive “The Battle of the Somne”, which mirrors the madness of war in all its facets, or “Assault” in which you can actually feel and smell the threatening, desolate atmospheres before hell breaks loose as the shooting starts with powerful sequencing.

Emotional walls of sound, a large array of enviRONmentals and some impressive citations tell the whole story from begin till end.

For me, “Acoustic Shadows” is a straightforward, overwhelming masterpiece which again proves Ron Boots remains one of the best electronic musicians of today.


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