Ron Boots – Area Movement

Ron Boots - Area Movement

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Ron Boots – Area Movement
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2003

The music of the 2003-album “Area Movement” is the outcome of 1,5 year of hard work.
Again, it was assembled, composed and produced in Ron’s own Dreamscape Studio, although Ron received some generous help of his Belgium friend Frank Van Bogaert on the closing track.

As the album title might suggest, all titles on it are more or less connected with or inspired by special places on earth, such as the two-fold “Serengeti” or beautiful sonics of “The Grand Banks”, which reflect Ron’s love for nature, big plains or remote environments.

Overall, the cd contains the typical Boots’ music with, as always, some excellent sequencing in which warm textures and rhythms blend with keen sequencing.

A surprising piece is found at the end of the album, as it contains a vocal cover version of the classic Kansas-song “Dust in the wind”, which features Ron singing (!).
Ron also played this joyful song at a concert in a small theatre in Eindhoven.

All in all, “Area Movement” breaths a warm and moody atmosphere in all its veins.


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