Ron Boots – Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight

Ron Boots - Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight

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Ron Boots – Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

Musician Ron Boots did several planetarium concerts in the past seven years or so, but it never came to a cd-release. “Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight”, released at Ron’s Planetarium concert in Bochum, Germany on May 24, fills this “gap”, offering 71 minutes of both atmospheric and dynamic but always captivating music.

The background of the conceptual music is told by Ron on the second piece “The Story”. Although almost all music on the album is made by Ron, the encompassing music at times is complimented by some great guitar parts by Frank Dorittke (aka F.D. Project).

After some harsh metallic sounds at the intro of the opening track “Cradle of Life”, the sonic journey into endless spaces smoothly takes off on the following eight tracks: emotional soundscapes, groovy, multi-layered and choir synthpads, synth solos and rhythms lead the way, reaching its first peak on “In the Skies”.

The deep, freeform cosmic spaces are explored on “The Vastness of Space”, later on flowing in the slowly sequenced, spacious realms of “Galactic Traveller”. The music shifts to a higher gear again on the rhythmic “Sunrise on FarPoint station”, after which we arrive at the emotional “Heroes”, which creates a 7-minute momentum of reflection. I remember especially this track worked out much stronger when played live.

The finale of “Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight” excels once more with the dynamic 8-minute “Giants in the Skies”, a marvellous track opening with vintage sounds, but soon drums and a good dose of Frank’s excellent guitarsolos kick in.

As an extra to “Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight”, Ron also released the cd “Boundary Tales” (a limited edition of 400 copies).
It contains eight tracks of additional music which Ron composed over a period of seven years that adds to the same story, but overall taking a bit more unusual, mysterious and even slightly experimental approach to the same concept.
“Boundary Tales” is for those who love a deeper, more adventurous listening experience.


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