Ron Boots – Current

Ron Boots - Current

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Ron Boots –Ron Boots – Current
CD, Cue Records NL / Groove Unlimited, 1997

The album “Current” was presented at the “Truth or Dare” concert of Ron Boots and friends on September 13, 1997 in Eindhoven.

The cover looks simple, dark and sober, and musically things have changed a bit as well. The music on this album ventures more and more in the direction of “electronic free-style”, something that already happened more than once when Ron played on stage.

The adventurous music chooses some new directions, but still contains the characteristic “Boots-touch”. This time, the overall music is rather complex and not that predictable as the soundscapes dig into deeper and a bit darker, but still accessible territory.

The new Boots-sound sounds versatile and lush, which stands out by the use of some surprising sequencing and percussion next to various brilliant details in the thoroughly crafted transparent sonic pallet.

Remarkable is also the use of some occasional voice-fragments, which seems to hang in the middle of beautiful layers of sound. And there are some nice sounds of mellotron on the album, while solo sounds remain on the background. The swinging closing track “Smiles” proofs the “old” Ron Boots is the alive and kicking.

Although this cd might need a few more spins, I’m sure every Boots-fan will find it most rewarding in the end.

Note: The album was re-released in fall of 2007 on Groove Unlimited, for which Ron gave the overall music a thorough re-mastering.


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