Ron Boots – Detachment of Worldly Affairs

Ron Boots - Detachment of Worldly Affairs

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Ron Boots – Detachment of Worldly Affairs
CD, Cue Records NL/ Groove Unlimited, 1994/1999

For Dutch musician Ron Boots, the album “Detachment Of Worldly Affairs” is a very personal one.
The origins of the music go back to a concert performed at the “Kruimeltheater” in Oldenzaal, where Ron played some new material that became the framework of the eagerly awaited next album.

For the tracks on the cd, Ron collaborated with his trusted musical friends Eric van der Heijden and Harold van der Heijden.
Again, the outcome is an impressive piece of art which stays close to Ron’s distinct sound. It holds overall quite, sometimes even introspective soundscapes which reflect Ron’s private thoughts and feelings, with occasional use of nature sounds.

“Detachment Of Worldly Affairs, part 1” starts out with typical Boots-sequences, accompanied by diverse layers of sound. “Cool Down” delves into very quiet and smooth atmospheres.
“Lachrymation” is a more experimental treat, for which Ron used African percussion along with some well-known, striking sequences.

“Breath” is another atmospheric piece in which Ron’s can be heard as he recites a text. Next comes “Free Flying Spirits”, a great sequencer track which contains traces of early sequencer music of Steve Roach.
Last track on the cd is “Far Boundaries”, which is a quiet, almost reflective composition. It’s a great ending of this cd, which works great to forget your daily troubles.

Not long after its release, the album was voted ‘Best cd of the year’ in the German ‘Schwingungen-wahl’.
In the same contest, Ron was chosen second best ‘Artist of the year’, deservingly behind Klaus Schulze.
“Detachment Of Worldly Affairs” was re-released and remastered in 1999 on Groove Unlimited.


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